Satisfy Your Wanderlust With the Evasion Rooftop Tent

Roof top tents are more popular than ever thanks to a new crop of adventurers. It is easy to see why these tents are popping up on social media accounts everywhere. They provide instantly-accessible comfort that you can take with you anywhere you care to adventure. Perched up high, these tents keep animals out and provides a really great vantage point. Also, they will instantly make all of your Instagram followers jealous.

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If you follow the #vanlife movement on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a James Baroud roof top tent. Handcrafted in Portugal, these tents are highly-regarded for their ease of use and aesthetic value.

The James Baroud Evasion is one of the newest tents made by the company. It is really easy to set up?—you simply flick a latch, and it is ready to go. It literally opens and closes in just five seconds. So, instead of spending an hour setting up camp, wrestling with annoying tent rods, you can take just a few minutes to set up this tent and spend the rest of the afternoon doing more enjoyable things like popping open a cold one.

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The hard shell and waterproof canvas help to keep out severe weather. This heavy-duty camper is wind-resistant up to 119 km/h. Built-in ventilation fans to help keep the camper cool during the hot summer nights. Other features include an insanely comfortable,high-density foam mattress, dual-mounting telescoping ladder and LED lighting.

If you are ready to ditch your current living situation and embrace life on the road, then the Evasion Rooftop Tent is the way to go. It is also perfect for those simply looking for a peaceful weekend getaway under the stars.

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