Shelter by Cinch is a Compact Waterproof Tent for All Adventures

We’ve been on a personal quest to find the best waterproof shelter for camping for a good six months now. Options range anywhere from the uber-expensive Helinox E-Hanger to the more affordable (but not so good) hex tarps you can pick up from any one of your local adventure stores. There seemed to be no quality middle ground until we stumbled across this genius solution aptly named the ‘Shelter’ created by Cinch.

Cinch is the creation of Jake Jackson, a lifelong camper whose quest to find the perfect tent led him to take matters into his own hands. He launched his first pop-up tent, The Hub, in 2019 and since then he’s been preparing to launch what is the best camping shelter tent we’ve seen at this price point. Let’s check it out.

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The Shelter by Cinch was developed during the lockdown by Jake Jackson. It’s a stand-alone tarp hybrid that combines the coolest elements of pro tarp setups into one awesome package that can be put up anywhere.

The Shelter can be set up and taken down by one person in just a few minutes, which means your trip will not only be less stressful, but you’ll have extra time to enjoy your adventures. It can also be packed into an included – and rather compact – cylindrical nylon bag that measures 60 cm long by 20 cm wide (23.6 by 7.9 in). Inside you’ll find the Shelter canvas, a carry case, the half-moon entrance pole, and two center poles. As well as nine clip-on storm straps, fifteen pegs, and a handy repair kit.

Most importantly, the Shelter by Cinch is made of 3,000HH ripstop polyester and features heat-sealed seams and SPF 50+ UV resistance. To give you an idea of durability, 3,000HH ripstop polyester denotes a material that will hold a column of water 3,000 mm tall before it is breached. In short, the waterproof material is sculpted to not only give you maximum shade and sun protection but to also last the elements.

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The included shock-cord pole forms the arched main entrance and is made from flexible fiberglass. Two carbon steel poles hold the roof up, and storm straps and pegs keep the tarp secured to the ground no matter the weather. The whole structure, once assembled measures 200 cm high by 380 cm wide by 285 cm long (78.7 by 149.6 by 112.2 in).

We’ve included a link to purchase the Shelter by Cinch through the Kickstarter link below. The tent is priced from $239 USD ($350 AUD) by taking advantage of the early bird offer and includes Shelter Canvas, Oxford Carry Case, Half-Moon Entrance Pole, 2 Centre Poles, 15 Pegs, Repair Kit, and 9 Storm Straps. The campaign special includes the same kit and is priced at $299 USD, so we recommend jumping on that early bird special.

Add-ons such as camping lanterns, shelter carpets, a bamboo furniture set, and a beach kit and all things to look out for in the future, alongside an inner shelter tent and ground sheet. No matter if you’re on a camping trip, having a backyard party, or just spending the day at the beach. We believe the Shelter is ready to elevate each and every adventure.

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Image: Shelter by Cinch

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Image: Shelter by Cinch

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Image: Shelter by Cinch

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Image: Shelter by Cinch

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