Sparkr Electric Plasma Lighters are Windproof & Charged Via USB

Each year, over two billion single-use lighters end up in the landfill. It’s an embarrassing statistic. That’s why it’s time we ditched the disposables and moved towards a sustainable future. One that’s guaranteed to save you money.

Sparkr lighters use dual electric plasma beams that are entirely windproof. Gone are the days of awkward lighting and burnt fingertips. When Sparkr goes flat, simply recharge it via USB. One hour will keep you lighting up for days. All of this for just US $25.

Sparkr is available in two styles: Wick and Flip. Flip is your traditional lighter. It’s built with two buttons for comfortable use and works right side up and upside down. Wick is your candle and BBQ lighter. It has extended dual plasma beams for the hard to reach places. Both lighters also feature a safety for childproofing.

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niversary edition of Leatherman’s original Pocket Survival Tool.

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