Stay Somewhere Between Camping and Glamping in the Tepui SkyCamp Tent

Camping is both a fun way to get away on the cheap and a pain in the ass, all at the same time. The burden of carrying your accommodation with you while you travel and then setting the whole thing up once you arrive at your destination is purely exhausting, not to mention the dangers involved.

Unless you’re using a Tepui SkyCamp.

tepui skycamp tent natural living room

Tepui SkyCamp Tents change the game. For a few thousand dollars, you can have the perfect balance between a tent on the ground and an actual cabin: the SkyCamp is a tent that can been lifted anywhere from four to eight feet off the ground (as in: the roof of your off-roader), creating a loft to sleep in. In the space below, like with a bunk bed, campers can sit and relax, set up chairs to dine and enjoy their natural living room.

It’s also a cinch to pack away in the morning before you head off to your next destination – a no-brainer of an investment for the regular outdoorsman.

Check it out

 tepui skycamp tents on car

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