Tentrr Takes the Hassle out of Camping

New Yorker Michael D’Agostino sought a peaceful reprieve from fast-paced life of the city through camping. Being an avid camper since a young child, D’Agostino remembers camping in the beautiful countryside in Connecticut and recalls this as being one of the cherished memories of his life. He tried to recreate that experience through frequent camping outings as an adult. Unfortunately, his experiences as an adult were not as idyllic as those from his childhood.

tentrr camping peaceful campsites

Instead of camping at gorgeous, peaceful campsites, D’Agostino found himself staying an overcrowded, dirty campgrounds that were anything but relaxing. He recalls one campsite being sandwiched between a Wiccan convention and the bathrooms. The experience consisted of watching his neighbours, all 40-plus of them, dancing under a full moon in white robes and drinking mead.

D’Agostino knew that there was a better way to camp. This experience inspired him to invent a brand-new way of doing things. He founded Tentrr, which is essentially an Airbnb for campsites. The site offers private campsites located in scenic, peaceful areas.

tentrr campsites located beautiful private land

The campsites are located on beautiful private land—the landowners must have at least 10 acres to join the site. Many sites offer nearby fishing, swimming and amazing views. Tentrr sites feature a canvas tent, air bed, storage and a toilet. The fact that the sites are fully-equipped with everything that you need to camp makes it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. You won’t have to worry about anything. Tentrr takes the hassle out of camping so that you can focus on relaxing and having fun with family and friends.

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