crua hybrid camping hammock

The Crua Hybrid Camping Hammock has the Best of Both Worlds

“The Crua Hybrid Camping Hammock Tent is the single, one-man tent that you need for any campsite. Amongst the trees, you can use the tent as a hammock and avoid sleeping on rocks or mud. What about campsites that are tree-less? Simply pitch the hybrid tent on the ground and you’re good to go.

The hybrid tent can be suspending from trees using the suspender bars and cables. It’s capable of holding up to 285 pounds. You can use the hammock with or without the rain fly. If a hammock just isn’t going to work, the hybrid tent comes with an aluminum frame that will give the ripstop and mesh body the structure needed to stand. Guy lines are also included to secure the tent. Again, you can use the tent with or without the rain fly.

Regardless of your sleeping arrangements, the hybrid tent comes with an integrated inflatable mattress. You can also pick up a custom-shaped sleeping bag rated to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even zip multiple tent hybrids together using the dual side doors—though not when using the tent as a hammock.

You can join the Kickstarter campaign and take advantage of discounted prices (an estimated 38 percent) off their 7-lb kit, which includes the hybrid tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag for just $249.

Features: water repellent (HH 5000mm), integrated bug mesh later, connectable (with other hybrids)
Material: Polyester
Color: green
Dimensions: L 88.98 x W 31.1 x H 29.13 inches
Price: US$299

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