Trackabout Gets Personal with the AE20 Off-road Camper Trailer

Trackabout has been putting together trailers for 20 years in Australia, and they’re celebrating the milestone by offering an exclusive Trackabout Anniversary Edition AE20 Off-road Camper Trailer that you can completely personalize with a wide range of exclusive features. But before you even look at the exclusive features, many of which have never been offered, you’ll have to work through the standard features, which will leave you wondering what’s left to add on.

storage section ae20 campervan

The AE20 comes with a tilting boat rack, a Cruisemaster independent suspension, a Bluetooth enabled Fusion radio, and a Redarc Manager 30 battery management system all wrapped up in a custom, two-tone powder coat with laser cut decals. On the inside, the interior storage comes dressed up in a custom colour scheme and foam drawer inserts to secure your kitchen supplies. They’re even throwing in dinnerware for up to four people and a kitchen return bench.

kitchen section campervan trailer

Speaking of dining, the kitchen setup comes with a sink and cooktop as well as a fridge and freezer combo. The trailer also has water and fuel storage. The trailer doesn’t so much look like a civilian trailer as much as it has the look of being meant for the military or a SWAT team. When you roll into your chosen destination, you won’t set up camp, you’ll establish it with the Trackabout.

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food storage trackabout campervan

trackabout wheel view

trackabout ae20 campervan