The Turtlebacker Has Got You Covered

The Turtlebacker is a dual-axle hauling contraption that combines some of the amenities of an RV with the added benefit of a transport tool for UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. Unlike plain trailers, however, this maverick of a vehicle boasts of having a six-gallon water heater, a 42-gallon water tank, a shower, a sliding-out kitchen, a stainless steel stove & sink, solar-panel powered electronics, and a humongous 45 ft3 of storing capacity.

turtlebacker vehicle wallaby

As if these things were not enough, this mechanical wallaby of a vehicle also comes with a wide array of add-ons and customisable options.

turtlebacker carry vehicle

Why else should you buy this adventure-ready, perfectly-suited-for-rough-terrain piece of equipment? Well, there’s the rather impressive Roof Top Tent King size bed (with an Annex, to boot) with a high-density mattress & washable, removable cotton cover, gas stove, hot/cold stored water, pan drawer, ultra-fine insect mesh, etc.


Check it out

turtlebacker stand on road

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