Upgrade your Knife Game with the SOG Baton Q2

Time to trade in your granddad’s Swiss Army Knife, the Baton Q2 is here.

Baton creates a collection of finely-tuned multi-tools that provide ultimate functionality blended with the lifestyle and look of the modern man. Each piece in this impressive assortment is designed to be part of a cohesive set, but each is made with a different purpose and user in mind.

sog baton q2 knife modern design

Batons are similar in size to an ink-pen or computer stylus, but have a study and secure feel in-hand. The minimalist and modern design blooms to display a wide range of useful and functional tools. Depending on your preference you can equip yourself with a tool meant for office and administrative work, urban emergency, or varying levels of expected wilderness ruggedness.

sog baton q2 knife highly customized set

Strong and trusty, the Baton Q2 tackles obstacles with a highly-customized set of essential tools. The urban traveler will feel right at home with a small blade, 75 lumen LED flashlight, bottle opener, screwdriver, and much more.

Secure your Baton Q2 today and get one of the 2017 Most Innovated Imported Designs. For a limited time receive free custom engraving and shipping with your purchase.

Check it out

sog  q2 knife handle

sog q2 knife flashlight

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