Victorinox Launches New Huntsman Swiss Army Knife for Valentine’s Day

When thinking of Valentine’s Day, I’m sure roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners and other romantic gestures come to mind – All typically gifted as an expression of love or with the goal of ‘wooing’ another into the bedroom. Possibly both.

I’m wondering, is it possible that these traditional gifts have become cliché? That an original gift guaranteed to last longer than a few days could be appreciated more in the long run? Victorinox thinks so. The accessory brand has dropped this gorgeous Huntsman Swiss Army Knife in a navy camo as part of its Valentine’s Day gift guide.

A knife is far from your traditional gift and unless you’re Angelina Jolie, has no place in the bedroom. Still, if I had to choose between chocolate and a Swiss Army Knife, I know which I’d prefer.

huntsman swiss army knife

The Huntsman knife is packed with 14 functions making it the perfect tool for sawing wood and cutting ropes when climbing, hiking and camping. This pocket knife weighs just 97 grams and is available now for RRP $99.95.

The Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife in Navy Camouflage includes the following tools:

• large blade
• small blade
• can opener
• screwdriver 3mm
• bottle opener
• wire stripper
• screwdriver 6 mm
• reamer, punch and sewing awl
• corkscrew
• wood saw
• multipurpose hook
• toothpick
• tweezers
• keyring

FYI – Those Angelina bedroom stories are just rumours.

Check it out

folded swiss army knife