WESN Titanium Pocket Knife Proves Size Doesn’t Matter

WESN is a titanium micro blade featuring the versatility of a full-size knife, at a fraction of the weight, and the size of a house key. This knife is built to go everywhere. Hence the name WESN: West, East, South, North. Every direction, every destination, WESN can go there. Except for airports. Don’t take it there.

WESN measures in at a length of 3.75 inches (9.5cm), making it the perfect addition to your keyring. It’s made from durable components like grade 5 titanium and AUS8 steel. The titanium body is tough and hard, while also dramatically reducing the weight. The AUS8 steel blade is durable, sharp, and made to last.

wesn titanium pocket knife leather sheath

For an additional fee, you can pair your pocket knife with a Stock & Barrel all-natural leather Sheath designed for WESN. Tie it to your belt and run around like 70’s Clint Eastwood or 2015 Dicaprio (before he was mauled by that bear).

WESN made the rounds on Kickstarter in late 2017 and is now available for purchase. WESN is priced from USD $45 + shipping and backed by a lifetime warranty. We like this knife and think you will too.

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Check it out

wesn titanium knife blade display

WESN Titanium Pocket Knife worn on keyring

WESN Titanium Pocket Knife worn on keyring

WESN Titanium Pocket Knife inside its sheath

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