Carry on Camping – Airstream Basecamp

If looks can be deceiving, then the Airstream Basecamp is the ultimate master of disguise. What appears little more than a stylishly oversized tin can on wheels is actually the perfect home away from home – a sleek, comfortable trailer that’s packed to the brim, like a can of sardines, with handy features.

airstream basecamp aluminium outer shell

With a durable aluminium outer shell, the Basecamp boasts a compact, lightweight design that makes it ideal for smaller SUVs and those looking to get out and about in the great outdoors. It seats five and can comfortably sleep two and features a convenient toilet and shower combo, as well as a kitchenette complete with fridge, microwave, sink and stove. There’s also a solar pre-wire kit for renewable power, technology dock, USB ports and a Bose Soundlink Color speaker for all your entertainment needs and a 26” by 46” rear hatch to house your gear.

airstream basecamp interior

Whilst it’s targeting a different demographic to the more luxurious campervans on the market, it still includes hot water, cabin heating and ventilation systems to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The Basecamp also comes with oversized wheels and tires to handle tough terrain, with side skirts and wheel flares to keep damage to a minimum.

airstream basecamp back view

It’s a trailer that encourages adventure without skimping on modern comforts and the perfect way to escape the daily grind.

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