Champagne Gold Three Limited Edition Swiss Army Knives

As far as every day carry knives go, it’s hard to beat the classics. Swiss Army Knives were the multi-tools before multi-tools were cool. Every scout carried one, and more than a fair share of adults did as well. The company continues to release new versions of the knives.

In recent years, they’ve been exploring new materials, and five years ago they introduced the Alox Collection, a series of knives with embossed aluminium bodies with treated scales to prevent anodic oxidation. The line’s first version, which featured a silver colour, sold out quickly. Now, Victorinox is adding to that line with Champagne Gold.

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The Champagne Gold line consists of three classic models that have been coated in—you guessed it—“champagne gold”–for a shimmering look. The line features the smaller Classic, a mid-sized Cadet, and the full-sized Pioneer. As with all their knives, the Champagne Gold knives feature their own set of tools.

The tools range from nail files and nail cleaners to a can opener and screwdriver combination as well as a flathead driver and bottle opener combination. The tools also include scissors and an awl. The blades vary in size for each of the different knives as well. The blades come priced at USD$37, $48, and $52. No official word on how many of the blades will be made, but previous Alox lines have been limited to a year, so you’ll want to pick yours up before 2019 ends.

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