Chill, The ROVA Furrion Cooler is Coming

Coolers are a necessity for parties, especially when you’re heading into the great outdoors or to a tailgate. Unfortunately, coolers are a little limited on what they can do, and they need constant restocking of ice and emptying of water.

The Furrion Cooler is stepping up the cooler’s game.

Furrion Cooler

The ROVA cooler by Furrion is an electric cooler powered by the Furrion ePod battery. With up to seven days of power, the cooler can keep your drinks and food cold no matter where you go. The cooler uses a compressor that pushes cool air into the cooler’s main cavity. That circulation makes for fast and efficient cooling—it can even freeze down to -22C.

Furrion Rova

Even without power, this is an effective cooler, with an impressive 10-day ice retention. But why go without power? Especially since the cooler can also act as a charging station with USB and Qi wireless.

ice compartment Furrion Cooler

The ROVA can operate off the battery, or be plugged into a wall outlet or DC outlet. And if there isn’t an outlet nearby, you can use the Furrion portable solar panel.

The ROVA cooler is set for release sometime in 2019. No word on pricing yet, but this cooler is bound to be the gathering point at any party.

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