Coconut Paddle – Pioneering for People Who Play Ping Pong

Anybody’s who’s ever exclaimed with post-shopping defeat ‘What do you buy the man (or woman) who has everything?!’ – before giving up and buying a poxy voucher (which is definitely going straight to a shelf somewhere, only to be discovered three days after it expires), needs look no further. Of all the luxury items on the marketplace nowadays targeted literally at, well, people who have everything, the Coconut Paddle has got to be one of the most ‘niche’. Not quite as kinky as the name might lead you to believe, the Coconut Paddle is designed for the table-tennis doyen in your life, and features a three-ply bamboo wood construction, custom rubber surface and über-ergonomic foam grip (which is double sided so south-paws can join in the action also). With the unique grip design, it allows players more control over their angle and it’s not hard to imagine it being a surefire hit amongst seasoned sportsmen and casual players alike. At $108 a serve on their website, it’s now easy to show some love for the ping-pong player who thinks they already have it all.

coconut ping pong paddle