A Collector’s Must Have Accessory – Anovos Rogue One Death Trooper Helmet

This one’s for the Star Wars fanatics. The guys at Anovos have come up with some new merchandise based on the film Rogue One. The helmet was faithfully made using on-screen assets as a point of reference. This means proportionally speaking that the fiberglass shell is exactly the same as the ones used in the film.

aesthetically pleasing collectible trooper helmet

This is much more than an aesthetically pleasing collectible. Inside, Anovos have mounted an adjustment system to ensure it fits all head sizes. The helmet was also digitally scanned for exacting reproduction. This cool accessory is a must have for those who live and breathe Star Wars or are collectors. The attention to detail during the construction of these helmets will please the OCD faithful.

Check it out

back side of trooper helmet