Come Prepared and Stay Stylish with the Wingman Pocket Knife

The Wingman pocket knife from HEAdesigns looks like something you might see in a Japanese anime. The Wingman is a response to the Antidote and Poison model dropped earlier this year. HEA wanted to further explore the aesthetic design that brought such sharp angles, vibrant colors, and secure mechanisms.

headesigns the wingman pocket knife

With the intention of giving this blade a “speed” visual element, designers focused on utilizing a wharncliffe folder to hint at extreme speed and performance – similar to a bird of prey, jet plane, or a futuristic mech.

Two years of designing and redesigning, fifty refinements, and more than twelve prototypes were involved in reaching this point. That process was able to provide a finished product with full cutouts, six dramatic grinds per blade, a hidden full-length spacer, 3D milled wrapper handle, and existing themes from previous knives from HEA. As pretty as this blade is, it’s full of utility as well. Like all tools from HEA, this looks beautiful in hand but is function in use.

headesigns wingman aesthetic design pocket knife

What’s even more special with this model is what may be added when you purchase it. All knives from HEA are limited, but not all come with a custom, antiqued, cooper, Wingman challenge medallion. Not all purchasers will be winner of this exclusive coin, but one of every three knives bought will be shipped out with one.

Order your Wingman today to receive a knife of impeccable quality and see if you’re one of the lucky winners.

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