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Council Tool’s Double Bit Saddle Axe Is One of the Best Tools to Own

Certain tools play a pivotal role in both everyday tasks and survival—Council Tool’s Double Bit Saddle Axe is one of these tools. This is a tool that no man should be without. After all, you have to have something to chop firewood out of that tree that fell in your backyard. We imagine that the Double Bit Saddle Ax would be worthy of prime space in survivalist Bear Grylls’ garage.

The Saddle Axe from Council Tool is a 2-in-1 axe that was designed for work. This axe was traditionally carried in a saddlebag while on horseback, which is where it got its name.

council tool double bit saddle axe cutting wood

Made in this USA, this high-quality double-bit saddle axe is constructed of high-quality, durable materials. The axe head was made using drop-forged 5160 steel. This type of steel is recognised for offering excellent blade retention and durability. The handle or haft is made from finished hickory.

This versatile axe will chop everything from blue spruce to white oak with ease thanks to its handy double-bit. On the left blade is an extremely sharp 25-degree flat grind. This grind is perfect for cutting, carving and shaving. The opposite side carries a more robust 32-degree flat grind. This side was designed for heavier jobs—like splitting and notching.

Phantom bevels significantly decrease the amount of surface friction. They also help the axe bite deeper than traditional axes, which are typically convex-bladed. The bevels also make removing the axe bit easier after a deep cut into the wood. A leather double-bit mask is included to help protect your fingers from the razor-sharp edges.

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