CRKT Caligo Folding Knife Combines the Classics

CRKT Caligo Folding Knife designer TJ Schwarz sold hand-drawn pencil sketches of classic cars while in college. He was so successful with his drawings, and with a background in mechanical engineering, it seemed that his future was already determined. But then a high school friend talked him into drawing a design for a knife. Now, instead of being known in the automotive industry, Schwarz has a top tier reputation among knife makers.

crkt caligo folding knife car design

Recognizing Schwarz’s gift, CRKT partnered with the designer to create the Caligo folding knife. Schwarz’s background in the automotive industry is evident in this knife, with its smooth lines and swooping character. The low-profile flipper opening builds on the dependability and action of an IKBS ball-bearing pivot mechanism. Its acceleration from closed to open rivals any muscle car’s zero to sixty. The black oxide finish of the blade, which measures 3.185 inches, matches the meaning of the name Caligo—Latin for “darkness.” The black anodized handles further perpetuate the appropriateness of the name. The blue pivot ring accentuates nicely against the black of blade and handle. Fully extended, the Caligo measures 7.625 inches. It weighs only 3.4 ounces, making it a great everyday carry blade. A low profile clip makes it even easier to slip into a pocket.

crkt caligo folding knife sharp

The action on the blade, as well as the clean look and feel, easily demonstrate how the Caligo is a marriage between the classic ideals of a good automobile and a great knife.

Check it out

crkt caligo folding knife handle

crkt caligo folding knife side

crkt caligo folding knife steel

crkt caligo folding pocket knife

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