The Crua Hybrid – Four Outdoor Essentials In One

Camping without the concern of locating suitable terrain CAN be more than wishful thinking. The Crua Hybrid is a multi-purpose tent that’s not limited to a flat piece of land or two appropriately spaced trees to tie it between. It’s perfect for both of those but is also capable of handling every situation you could encounter so there’s no need of worrying where you will sleep.

 crua hybrid is built lightweight

The Crua Hybrid is built from lightweight and durable aircraft grade aluminium arch poles, equipped with a shock chord system and straps that are designed to support the tent by attaching to a multitude of surfaces. Rip-stop Nylon coats the tent, protecting you from wet weather. The interior is also protected by a bug proof mesh. While the Crua Hybrid is a one-man tent, each has the ability to link up with other Hybrid tents, doubling its size for you and your partner. Everything you need for a comfortable sleep is included. An insulated air mattress and tailored sleeping bag are built in but it’s also possible to remove them.

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