D-Mask Smart Diving Mask Explores the Earth’s Final Frontier

Behance has released a new design for underwater divers—the D-Mask Smart Diving Mask. Underwater diving seems to subscribe to the old philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sure, progress has been made over the years. We’re no longer wearing huge bubble helmets with ports for viewing. But, the design of goggles hasn’t really varied from accepted parameters. The D-Mask completely abandons those in favor of a full face shield that covers from above the eyes to the chin and offers 180 degree seamless view. The screen offers digital read out, keeping the diver informed of current weather conditions and other need-to-know items when under the water. Additionally, the D-Mask has a location feature that can guide you back to your starting location, keeping you from getting lost.

mask smart diving mask man in d mask

The D-Mask can be equipped for both diving and snorkeling. It also uses bone conduction to create better communication between divers. Instead of difficult to understand hand gestures, you’ll be able to simply speak your thoughts. That same functionality can be used to listen to music while diving.

mask smart diving mask d mask

The D-Mask also has a built-in flashlight for dark conditions and a built in camera that can be activated to record a dive. With the use of an app, you can then export the pictures and footage you capture.

mask smart diving mask helmet

The mask is an interesting concept with potential not just in underwater discovery, but perhaps other fields of adventure and even public service such as firefighting or the military.

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mask smart diving mask

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