Divex Piranha P3 Diving Scooter is Quick to the Frenzy

If you’re going to take the name of “piranha” then you better be quick. The Divex Piranha P3 Diving Scooter fits the bill. With an all-new propeller, the P3 can reach speeds of up to 233 feet per minute. The modular design keeps the P3 lightweight, and the neutrally buoyant battery packs have been balanced for both fresh and salt waters. The batteries are the same type used for power tools—DCB-style lithium-ion batteries that can be charged with a regular power tool charger—and provide a runtime of up to 450 minutes. The whole affair comes to just 41 pounds and is approved for air travel.

piranha diving scooter full view

As mentioned, the P3 is fast, making you more agile in the water. And it’s rated for up to 600 feet, so you can go just about anywhere with it. You’ll get plenty of use out of each charge. The P3 has a range of up to five miles. And because of the modular design, you can add or take away batteries. It also comes with an integrated GoPro mount that can fit both the camera and neutrally buoyant gauge mounts. Additionally, you can program the P3 to meet your preferences, customizing the number of gears and their speed that you’ll be using and how. Finally, the P3 is belt-driven, so it’s quieter and smoother.

Check it out

edge view divex diving scooter

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