Do You Have to Own a Yacht to Have the C Seed Supermarine Outdoor TV?

If it’s a prerequisite to own a superyacht in order to get a C Seed Supermarine Outdoor TV then life is extremely unfair. This incredible TV was apparently designed with cruising the Mediterranean in mind, but here’s hoping anyone can pick one up.

For starters, the C Seed Supermarine screen measures either 201 or 144 inches on the screen diagonal. But it’s not just the mammoth screen that makes this TV so amazing. The screen folds up into a storable unit that fits into a shallow compartment that’s only 31 inches deep. Sure, that’s neat and all, but how long does it take to unfold? Will you miss the first quarter of the game, or your favorite sitcom while you’re waiting? Not at all. The screen only takes 15 seconds to unfold into its complete 9.8 foot height.

 c seed supermarine outdoor tv swimming

And it truly is an outdoor TV. You won’t have to wait until after the sun sets to be able to see the image on the screen due to its high luminosity rating of 4.500 nits and a contrast ratio of 4.500:1. Add in a pixel pitch and 48 bit color depth, and you have a crystal clear image in the noon day sun.

If you want to have the complete experience, you can also throw in the matching C Seed Supermarine Speakers.

One would have to assume, however, that such an engineering feat comes with a price tag that is just as impressive—but it would definitely be worth it.

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