(Don’t) Go Chasing Waterfalls in the Mokai ES-cape Motorised Kayak

There are lots of cool ‘man gadgets’ out there that engage every guy’s inner-child and outer grown-up simultaneously, but I don’t think any bloke would disagree with the notion that the best toys are a mix of 10% James Bond, 5% Bear Grylls and 85% somehow manage to serve a legitimate purpose. Especially if that legitimate purpose is entirely recreational. As a result, when something like the Mokai ES-cape motorized kayak comes along, it’s hard to not think it’s pretty damn terrific. The Mokai ES-cape features an electric-start Subaru engine, polyethylene construction (super lightweight, durable and easy to repair) and best of all, the throttle and steering are all controlled by a single joystick; who ever thought that being stuck up the creek without a paddle was an improvement?

 mokai escape motorised kayak tactful design

It’s not hard to see it being endless amounts of fun, and also a very practical way to effortlessly gain access to hard to reach streams and rivers for some extreme fishing. The best part though is the way it’s all put together – it comes in three easy-to assemble parts that ‘nest’ effortlessly inside the cockpit, for ultra effortless storage and transportation. Overall it’s very hard to fault this clever combination of rugged, adventure-ready construction and seamless, tactful design.

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