The Dream Dive Platform Was Created for Summer Fun

Summer is all about having fun. And, few things are more enjoyable than hanging out near the waterfront during the hot summer months. Architects Mark Erickson and Matthew Kennedy of Studio North just designed the ultimate summer hangout — the Dream Dive Platform. Situated on Bobs Lake in Ontario, this structure is a camping hut and diving board in one.

dream dive platform comfortable bed

The clever platform has a covered room complete with a large, comfortable bed on one end and a cantilevered diving platform on the other end. Made from salvaged materials, the 19.5-metre platform was designed using simple materials—rocks from the lake, repurposed cedar decking, nylon rope and basic 2×4 lumber that can be sourced at the local hardware store. It was left unpainted to blend in with the natural rocky surroundings.

dream dive platform hammer

The dream dive platform features a waxed tent canvas which can be rolled down to provide protection from the elements and keep bugs out of the sleeping area. When not in use, the green canvas can be rolled back and conveniently stored on the back of the platform.

dream dive platform jumping photography

Perfect for jumping into the water on a hot, summer afternoon, sleeping under the stars or taking a peaceful nap by the lake, this unique platform provides a fun and comfortable way to enjoy nature. The Dream Dive Platform is a great example of what you can do with a few basic materials and a free weekend. It would be a great ideal project to tackle before the summer rolls around.

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