Fight Like a Gladiator and Live to the Tell the Tale: Introducing the Master Lorica MK II Body Armour

If we had to choose a single company determined to bring our testosterone-fueled fantasies to life, we might pick Australia’s own Unified Weapons Master (UWM). It seems like only yesterday they emerged promoting ideas that sounded too wild to become reality, and yet here they are making incredible strides with high tech combat body armour. With UWM’s newest suit–the Master Lorica MK II Body Armor–they’re bringing us yet one step closer to satiating our every desire that doesn’t involve scantily clad members of the opposite sex.

the master lorica mk ii body

While the exterior of the MK II might look familiar to those following the company’s progress, the new suit is all about what’s going on underneath the armor. Thanks to less mass, enhanced durability, better sensors and improved breathing room, the MK II is all about keeping the wearer light on his feet and mobile without increasing the risk of injury. And when we say “light on his feet”, we’re talking a 30% weight reduction from previous models.

mk ii is all the wearer light on his feet

In addition to the vastly improved interior design, UWM has also been working with defense contractors and tech geniuses to ensure a better scoring system during any given fight. Through the help of on-board microprocessors and swift wireless data transmission, the MK II logs the location and force of impact in real time with unprecedented accuracy.

mk ii logs location and force of impact

While there’s still a journey ahead bringing the MK II to market, extensive testing is under way. In fact, the company recently invited six weapons experts from across the globe to engage in “Vital Target Combat” in New Zealand. It seems like we’re just moments away from indulging the Battle Bot within. Until that day, join the UWM mailing list to keep up with progress as it occurs.

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