Fin for a Fin is a World First Aimed at Uniting Surfers and Sharks

Fin for a Fin is an incredibly important initiative aiming to promote the coexistence of surfers and sharks through a specially designed range of surfboard fins. By attaching the fins to their boards, surfers signal that in the event of an attack, they do not want the authorities to kill the shark in retaliation. The program partnered with local Torquay brand Glide Fins to design the premium custom fibreglass fins with profits going towards funding the shark alert network Dorsal and shark education charity Tag For Life.

fin for a fin surf professional photographer

Fin for a Fin is led by surfer, professional photographer and shark attack survivor Mike Coots. Mike is a widely respected member of the surf community and a passionate advocate for shark conservation. “Shark incidents can evoke vengeful responses from family, friends, communities and governments. As a surfer, I understand I’m entering a shark’s natural environment, and we need to coexist,” said Coots.“This fin is my way of voicing my stance. And that is, if my life is taken, don’t take theirs,” he added.

fin for a fin crucial role ocean ecosystem

As apex predators, sharks play a crucial role in the ocean’s ecosystem. Tampering with the natural environment has devastating consequences to both marine life, as well as economically impacting Australian fisheries. Vengeful culling is not an ideal solution to stopping shark attacks, so you can buy a set of fins for $160 with the money intended to fund innovative programs that work towards the coexistence of both species.

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