fleet ice blades from lundhags

Fleet Ice Blades from Lundhags

These Fleet Ice Blades from Lundhags will be loved by the ice skating enthusiasts out there. You won’t need to limit yourself to your local neighbourhood rink. These ice blades will allow skating on frozen lakes and ponds. These skates have universal ratcheting buckle bindings that will fit all types of footwear such as hiking and ski boots. One binding goes around the ankle and the other over the toes. The Rockwell 57 stainless-steel blade has a long-curved tip, which is designed to provide maximum stability for outdoor skating on natural ice. It will also help users glide smoothly over bumps, cracks and snow-covered ice. It comes in two lengths; 42.5cm for skaters up to 170cm and 52.5cm for skating over 170cm.

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