Foil’s Oro Nero Skis The Best Way to Spend Your Dough in The Snow

Here in Australia, the mercury’s dropping, beanies are back in vogue and the hipsters have swapped their Hawaiian print shirts for hoodies. The start of winter is upon us and, as many will lament the loss of tanning-suitable weather and long afternoons sinking tins on Bondi beach, there’s a select segment of society who are quietly rejoicing, dusting off their mittens and investing in season-passes for Perisher. With ski season gearing up to be a big one this year, what better way for a self-respecting skier to reward themselves than with these absolute works of art? If you think you could win Olympic gold on a black run, then these Oro-Nero skis are just for you.

foil oro nero skis to spend dough in snow

Made by Foil, an Italian company nestled up north next to the Austrian Alps, these $50 000 trophies of wintry decadence are the ultimate statement pieces to bring to the slopes, and the ultimate testament to Foil’s philosophy of ‘no limits’. They’re made from 8000 year old Bog Oak, feature 14 karat gold-plated fittings and as they’re made-to-order, they come personalized with your initials (also in gold, of course). They also come with a set of gold-plated poles with hand-stitched leather grips and, if you’re worried that your current ski-bag mightn’t do them justice then never fear, the price tag includes their very own custom fitted, handmade leather case.

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