Fun with a Gun – The X Can Cannon

Let’s begin by stating that the X Can Cannon is 100% legal just so you know reading any further won’t be a complete waste of time. Sadly, the Can Cannon is only an accessory for the AR-15 and M16 rifles which are only legal in certain conditions. The Can Cannon is a proprietary gas-ported barrel and pressure tube that attaches to your rifle, similar to the under barrel grenade launchers in first person shooters.

the x can cannon configured to launch full

It’s configured to launch full, unopened 355ml soda cans an average distance of 100m when fired at the optimal angle. X don’t specify if it’s just soda cans or if creamed corn, peas and cans of beer are also compatible, although why would anyone waste a can of beer? If you can think of a reasonable decision to purchase the Can Cannon, then you may be interested to know it comes in your choice of Black, Dark Earth or Olive green colours. Keep an eye out because X are working on some sweet accessories for the Can Cannon including a grappling hook, net launcher, harpoon and dog toys for hunting and playing fetch.

Check it out

the x can cannon gun pipe

the x can cannon front view