Gear Up with the Survival Hawks Limited Edition

Survival gear can’t be just one-use items. They need to have multiple uses, like, for example, the SOG Survival Hawks. These hawks aren’t just axes, though they can be used effectively for those types of chores. They also feature a fire starter rod in the handle, a nail puller, and a hammering head.

survival hawks limited edition wood handle

The Survival Hawk measures 12.1 inches in overall length and features a 3-inch blade with an RC hardness rating of 47-49. The blade’s edge is straight and is made of 2CR steel. The entire tool weighs just under 20 ounces. The Survival Hawk comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with a belt loop and a snap enclosure. The Survival Hawk is being produced in a limited quantity and is available in either black and tan or olive and tan colour combinations.

survival hawks limited edition cutter

Given its size and multi-functionality, the Survival Hawk is a great addition to your camping or bug-out bag.

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