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Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Drive Is an Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

Gerber is offering their own take on the classic Swiss Army Knife with the Armbar Drive. The multi-tool offers plenty of tools—enough to rival any other multi-tool out there—but is designed to fit into your pocket. The Armbar isn’t quite a multi-tool in that it lacks the plier, but it does offer what those multi-tools can’t, and that’s being able to be used as an everyday carry that fits in your pocket instead of in a sheath on your belt. But this tool can do so much more than your regular pocketknife, without taking up more space.

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Gerber army swiss knife

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The Gerber Armbar Drive features seven tools that you can use in just about any situation. The fine edge blade is 2-1/2 inches long and can handle any of the chores that you would use a pocket knife for. The blade can be opened single-handed and has a frame lock for safety. The Armbar also offers a 2-1/2” extension bit driver that has a reversible, 2-sided bit for both Phillips and flat-head screws. There’s also a small pry bar, a bottle opener, and an awl. A striking plate can be used as a hammer, and the spring-loaded scissors can take on any minor sewing projects. All the tools are made of stainless steel, while the handle is made of anodised aluminium.

Gerber Armbar Drive folding knife

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Gerber also offers a version of this everyday carry for the wine connoisseur. The Armbar Cork comes with a corkscrew, foil cutter, and can opener. It also features the folding knife, scissors, and pry bar.

Gerber Armbar Drive with army swiss knife

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Both versions of the Armbar come in either Onyx Black or Orange. Gerber has also come up with a unique colour option of Urban Blue for the Drive or Shimmer Gold for the Cork. The multi-tools sell for $39.

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Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Drive back view

Gerber Armbar Drive side view

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