Go Fish – PowerVision PowerRay Fishfinder

All you fishing enthusiasts can file this one under: holy crap that sounds amazing! Here to guarantee you never come home empty-handed again is the PowerRay Fishfinder from Chinese tech brand PowerVision. What does it do? You might better off asking what it doesn’t do because this innovation is truly stacked.

fish powervision powerray fishfinder underwater

Making its debut at CES 2017, the PowerRay is an underwater drone bolstered by a 4-hour battery life and all sorts of nifty tech. The vessel can navigate underwater for up to 30 metres, read temperatures, take 4K HD pictures or videos, use sonar to locate fish, bait fish and even sync with Google VR for some next-level immersion. In other words the PowerRay can do everything short of gut the fish and cook it for you. In its full form the device crudely resembles an aquatic creature like a string-ray or a big fish, but the drone itself is a small, detachable sphere that can be used as a standalone resource.

fish powervision powerray fishfinder outlook

Now we imagine there are at least a few of you who fish for sport and think of something like the PowerRay as, well, cheating. We certainly don’t disagree–the PowerRay offers an unprecedented advantage that could make skill and technique practically superfluous. However, you can always use the device to locate solid fishing spots and let your instincts or talent take it from there. And for those of you who rely on fish to eat and live–well, you may never go hungry again.

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