Go Stealth Underwater with the H20 Hawaii Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling is a lot like sex on the beach–it usually doesn’t go well but no one wants to be the first person to admit he was disappointed. Thankfully, there’s now a product that allows the experience to live up to the hype: the H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask from H20 Hawaii.

h20 ninja mask front side

In spite of the playful overtones, H20 Hawaii does not take the term “ninja” lightly. They truly want you to dive beneath the ocean’s surface and navigate your surroundings with stealth and accuracy. Thanks to a unique design that fits comfortably around your entire face and allows you to breathe through your nose, for the first time you will actually be able to look at the pretty fishies without feeling like you’re about to die from drowning.

h20 ninja mask blue color

The H20 Ninja features a detachable snorkel and face mask to achieve maximum efficiency. The mask reduces fogging by 90% because you no longer have to pull it away to get all that water out. It also utilizes superior Dry Top technology to virtually guarantee the absence of leaks when you’re exploring the ocean terrain. With the H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask, you can finally tell your friends how awesome your experience was and mean it!

h20 ninja mask helmet snorkel

h20 ninja mask underwater