GoPro Underwater Dome Port

“In the hopes of capturing quality photos while surfing, the GoPro has since become the go-to action portable action camera. A number of accessories have been made to enhance both the experience of capturing these photos, as well as the quality. One such accessory you can get is the GoPro Underwater Dome Port by Telesin. It makes it possible to capture images of both above and below the waterline, known as split-level or 50/50 shots. The dome port utilises a semi-hemispherical acrylic dome, which eliminates the perpendicular angle between the backing plate and the dome. This prevents circular reflection and provides clearer 50/50 images. The dome is easy to use with a floating handheld, allowing you to hold the camera dome while you swim. The GoPro sits fixed and secure within the dome, and does not need to be removed to access different modes, power and shutter controls. The dome works with the Hero 3, the Hero 3+ and Hero 4 GoPro models, and is significantly cheaper than other similar 50/50 dome models.

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gopro underwater dome port front view


gopro underwater dome port floating on the water