Handy, Reliable, and Effective, The Gerber Pack Hatchet Gets the Job Done

The Gerber Pack Hatchet was designed to be slim and packed anywhere or stored on-hip for easy access. Made specifically with hikers and hunters in mind, this Pack Hatchet can be easily stowed and wield to accomplish a wide range of tasks.

User-friendly choke-up features allow for high control work, while a cleverly placed robber overmold handle provides slip-proof grip while swinging or striking. As this is a Gerber product, it probably goes without saying, but the full tang stainless steel construction delivers enhanced durability in a vast range of environments.

Standing at just less than 10 inches in height with a blade hovering under 4, the Pack Hatchet is both accessible and durable, big enough to accomplish most one man jobs, but compact enough to be brought almost anywhere without a hassle.

As they do with all their tools, Gerber made sure that this hatchet wasn’t just effective, but accommodating as well. With a tall grind for optimal sharpness, a lanyard hole of easy transport, and a belt carry sheath for other environments, this tool is the best you’re going to find for its extremely reasonable price point.

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