How Diveroid Makes Diving Photography More Accessible

Diveroid is an awesome accessory that turns your smartphone into a dive computer complete with gauge monitoring and underwater photography capabilities.

Professional dive gear can be expensive. This all-in-one accessory can give any diving newcomer everything they need for under USD $300 — everything except oxygen and flippers.

Diveroid’s inner housing can handle almost every smartphone with the universal buttons on the outside, taking care of functions during a dive. This includes zoom, selfies and upscaling to 4k with supported phones. The Diveroid app can even make real-time colour adjustments to correct the abundance of blues and greens, so images are restored to their natural colours.

A diving computer is an essential piece of safety equipment. It prevents accidents by measuring the depth, dive duration and ascending speed. Diveroid notifies you at any time during the dive if you reach a depth stop, or are ascending too fast and shows water temperature at a glance.

Diveroid is aiming to shake up the dive industry with its affordable all-in-one accessory, and with its appealing price point, the potential is there.

The team behind Diveroid are funding the innovative accessory via Kickstarter and smashed the funding goal, raising just short of 400K at time of writing. With delivery expected as early as February 2020, it’s safe to say Diveroid is almost ready to go. There’s still time to get your ‘fins’ on the accessory for the early bird price, equip yourself for diving and save some dollars along the way.

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