Huckberry Finds – April 2016: For the Outdoor Adventurer

Pictured above: Coldsmoke  Deck Jacket

Nothing beats the feeling freedom you get from adventuring in the the great outdoors. There’s no denying the therapeutic benefit of crisp mountain air, lush vegetation and the spiritual feel of being at one with nature. Going outdoors does have its drawbacks, like the bone chillingly cold winters, sweaty summers and the possibility of being molested by a wild animal in the middle of the night. But strangely enough, that’s part the thrill of the experience.

If your someone who likes an outdoor adventure, our friends over at Huckberry have got some great gear for your next trip. Here’s some of this month’s best finds for the outdoor adventurer. For more great gear check out our selection at the Man of Many x Huckbery store.

the outfit boot coast shirt and bondy jacket

The Outfit

Out in the woods it’s important to always stay sharp. The best way to stay sharp is to look sharp. Imagine hiking up a mountain trail, when suddenly your posse is savagely attacked by a pack of Yetis. Since you’re  wearing the dopest boots in your crew, you’ve managed to run away and escape. Somehow, the media gets a hold of your story and before you know it, you’re mobbed by press as you’re leaving the national park. Even though all your friends are dead, if you’re decked out in the Chippewa Boot, North Coast Surf Shirt and Bondy Jacket,  at least you’ll be looking sharp for the cameras.

Original Chippewa 6” Service Boot North Coast Shirt Jacket Bondy Jacket


survival tools and chapter knife

Survival Tools

Bear Grylls was sucker. Why anyone would drink the juices of a dead camel’s bowels when they could filter water ever so simply through a easy to use device like the Lifestraw is beyond me. And Mick Dundee was pretty badass, but you must admit, that knife was excessive. We prefer the the Chapter Knife, which fits in your pocket. Opt for simple tools that do their jobs and do them well.

Huckberry Essential EDC Seiko Dive Watch Huckberry Chapter Knife Lifestraw Steel


bellroy elements range

The Baggage

Gone are the days when we carried our things in a rag on a stick. There are plenty of bag options available that are both stylish and practical, but always remember comfort comes firs. For storing you valuables, We recommend the Bellroy Elements range, which is great for keeping your belongings dry and protected.

Klettersack Backpack Bellroy Elements Water Resistant Phone Pocket Bellroy Elements Water Resistant Travel Wallet


the accomodation a good tent

The Accomodation

A good tent, or as I like to call them nature’s hotel rooms (even though technically they don’t really come from nature), are a wise investment. Add a warm sleeping bag and a comfy hammock, it’s almost like a night in the Shangri-La.

Hornet 2P Tent Thylacine Down Sleeping Bag Roo Hammock & Python Straps

heilio pressure shower and stanley press vacuum coffee

The Luxuries

As much as being at one with nature is important, it’s often the simple modern pleasures can make the experience of being in the wild just that little bit better. With toys like the Powerall, Heilio Pressure Shower and Stanley French Press Vacuum Coffee, all of a sudden a pine tree by the creek feels like your home living room.

Stanley French Press Vacuum Coffee System Powerall Technology HUB Helio Pressure Shower


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