iKamper Skycamp – A Rooftop Tent that Sleeps the Entire Family

Sleeping on the ground is for chumps. Skycamp leverages you up and over all the lowly campers forced to deal with the cold, hard ground and the local fauna prowling the coolers for an easy meal. Skycamp is an advanced tent that gives you the freedom to camp wherever you want. Rooftop tents are nothing new, but Skycamp sets up in less than a minute and is spacious enough to sleep the entire family.

skycamp resembles slim and aerodynamic cargo case

Retracted, Skycamp resembles a slim and aerodynamic cargo case. Once unfolded, the tent reveals a cabin suitable for two adults and two children. The extendable floor is made of high-performance aluminium honeycomb panels, while the Poly-Cotton Canvas fabric is both waterproof and windproof plus comes equipped with a rainfly for added protection. The universal mounting system means that the tent can be installed on almost all cross bar roof racks, although the 68kg total weight means you will need assistance lifting it up there in the first place.

impressive the skycamp

What’s just as impressive as the Skycamp itself is its incredible Kickstarter success story. The creator of the Skycamp – iKamper, has raised $2 million dollars more than the initial $100,000 funding goal and at the time of writing, there’s still another week of the campaign remaining. If rooftop camping is your deal, then you can secure a Skycamp tent on Kickstarter for around $2000 US. That’s approximately $1000 cheaper than what it will retail for once the campaign ends.

There are also loads of optional accessories available including an annex, awning, additional storage and locks. Don’t worry about buying a ladder or high-density memory foam mattress; they come standard.

skycamp top in car

ikamper skycamp rooftop tent car

ikamper skycamp rooftop tent car in field

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