‘I’m The Firestarter’ – Kindling Cracker

If it’s a cinch to make top-notch fresh french fries then why shouldn’t it be as simple to create some quality kindling? This firewood kindling splitter from Aussie company Kindling Cracker is the answer to all your pain-in-the-ass cold evenings with a tomahawk trying to split a log to get the fire started. Whether you’re at a campsite or putting a romantic spin on the evening with some flames in the fireplace, this nifty little device will have your logs crackling in no time.

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With less force required than an axe, the ingenuity of the Kindling Cracker is self explanatory and considering it applies the same logic as any self-respecting fish-and-chip shop’s most basic appliance, it’s a wonder it’s taken this long to make a reality. Considering the number of Aussies who camp or have a fireplace at home, how cheap it is, how ridiculously easy it is to use, and how mobile it is, it’s the logical addition to any self-respecting firestarter’s kit.

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