The J. L. Lawson True North Spin Coin is for Spinning and Survival

It’s not for a vending machine or the pokies, the True North Spin Coin is a tool just like the ones in your garage, although this one’s for survival. It can also be used for a simple and amusing game, but survival sounds better. The coin has been specifically engineered for spinning. We guarantee it will be 1000 times more exciting to spin the True North Spin Coin than whatever you currently have in your wallet.


There’s also a compass built right in the center because they’re aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a functional compass that you can use if you get lost in the wilderness or desert without phone reception. But its primary purpose is to look good. The True North Spin Coin is manually machined from solid bar stock with a 1/8 inch ceramic ball point on one side and the working compass on the other. The True North Spin Coin is 1.5 inches in diameter and comes in your choice of solid brass or solid copper with a custom leather pouch.

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