James the County Knife is a Simple Comfort

The James Brand County Knife is a simple pocketknife that appeals to the small town kid in each of us. It’s a straightforward blade, just like a knife should be. The blade is 2.5 inches long. Completely open, the knife measures 6 inches (closed, 3.5 inches). The blade is made of Sandvick 12C27 stainless steel. The handle is 416 stainless steel with walnut wood. The County Knife uses a slip joint mechanism. The slip joint is based on a strong back spring that biases the blade either toward the open or closed position. There’s a reason why slip joints are nearly ubiquitous and why they’ve been used literally for centuries (since the early 1600s). They’re simple, elegant, and effective. You do need to be careful with slip joints, however, as the blade doesn’t lock into position, which means that you should observe good handling principles. The James County Knife has a straight back blade, ambidextrous design.

james the county knife stainless steel

The James Brand is based out of Portland, Oregon, and has the stated goal of providing tools for people who want to experience their own adventures and aren’t content waiting for someone else to fix something. Their implements are kept minimalistic—designed to be used, rather than looked at. Because of this philosophy, you can see why the County Knife is pure simplicity yet incredibly utilitarian. It’s a knife for getting things done.

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james the county knife sharp

james the county knife wood handle

james the county pocket knife

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