Jay Alvarrez’s Latest UAE Video Will Give You Vertigo

Jay Alvarrez, one of Instagram’s biggest self-made celebrities, has released yet another kick-ass video to incite equal parts jealousy and toe-tingling vertigo in almost all who watch it. The plucky 21 year old has this time visited Dubai, to blow what looks to be a pretty sizeable budget in a couple of adrenaline-fuelled weeks and as much as we wanna hate this guy, it’s just too damn cool to not be impressed.

jay alvarrez's latest uae video car

Whether it’s tearing across desert flats in supercars, kissing snakes, performing death-defying stunts on the roofs of skyscrapers or jumping out of planes, Alvarrez is a maniac, and his videos feature more action than the average Jerry Bruckheimer film (albeit minus the explosions, fortunately.)

jay alvarrez's latest uae video snake

His well documented split with also Insta-famous model Alexis Ren earlier this year saw her publicly criticise his, ahem, junk, a claim he spectacularly disputed in a twitter video. Since the petty exchange, he’s wasted no time hitting the road and keeping the world abreast of his adventures, this one definitely being the craziest one yet. Be sure to check out some of his other short videos for more madness, though we’re most excited for the next instalment in this series.

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jay alvarrez's latest uae video aerial

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