Leatherman’s Signal is Everything You’d Expect

Leatherman has been one of the most highly regarded names in outdoor adventure for over 30 years, and their longevity is a testament so the quality they consistently churn out. Leatherman’s multi-tools have become a staple for day to day life and adventures alike. The Leatherman Signal is the brand’s latest release, and it’s just as good as you hoped, with 19 tools packed in for all you could need.

leatherman backpacking stick carving

The Signal is designed for lovers of the great outdoors. Equipped with traditional Leatherman practicality in the form of pliers (needlenose and regular), saw, bottle and can opener, combo knife and wire cutters, the Signal hasn’t strayed from what has always worked. However, that doesn’t mean there is no innovation. The list of new features reads long: an emergency whistle, Ferrocerium rod (firestarter), a hammer and a diamond coated blade sharpener. Take Leatherman’s word for it: you can never be too prepared in the wild.

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leatherman backpacking all cutter system

leatherman backpacking very sharp

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