LEIF eSnowboard – Never Again Wait For Next Season to Snowboard

28If you are a snowboarder, you know how disappointing it is when you know that you will have to wait another year to ride again. With the LEIF eSnowboard, you will never again have to wait to snowboard. You can experience the thrill of carving and sliding—even in the middle of the summer. So, how does it work?

With the LEIF eSnowboard, you simply take your love for the snow to the streets. This electric board looks like a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. With this baby, you can carve up the pavement as easy as you do the mountain slopes.

leif esnowboard top and bottom view

The eSnowboard is controlled with the same body movements that you use when snowboarding. So, if you have ever boarded before, you will find it easy. If not, it is still easy enough to learn to use the eSnowboard. This electric board features an omnidirectional technology, which means that you can ride it forward, backwards and sideways. It can even do a complete 360. The dual 1295-watt brushless motors allow you to go uphill easily. The included battery lets you ride for up to 10 miles on a single charge. You can swap out the battery for an instant boost. The eSnowboard is completely water-resistant, which means that it won’t get ruined if you do happen to get caught in the rain. The ergonomic controller allows you control the eSnowboard via a Bluetooth connection.

leif esnowboard front view

If you are sick of the boring commute to work or school every day, why not add a little excitement to your daily commute with the eSnowboard?

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