LifeStraw Go

lifestraw water bottle

LifeStraw by VesterGaard has come to be very well known for its simply effective design of the lifesaving drinking water filtration system and its commitment to supplying clean water to communities at high risk of waterborne illness. The LifeStraw Go is the newest addition to VesterGard’s family of life saving products, a water bottle outfitted with a life straw filter. Dirty water goes into the BPA-free water bottle and lauded filter, while fresh filtered water flows out the flip-top valve. The built in filter has the capability of removing more than 99.9 of waterborne bacteria and parasites and reduces rabidity by filtering out particles greater than 0.2 microns for 1000 liters of water. With each purchase one school child in need receives an entire school year of clean water. Protect your body and save the world, what are you waiting for?

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