Living Vehicles’ 2020 Series Camper Rivals Your Own Home

Camping comes in a wide range of different modalities, but regardless of how you do it, everyone recognises the traditional travel trailer. Perhaps no trailer is more readily recognisable than the Airstream. Hofmann Architecture specializes in making custom Airstreams, and in 2017 they launched Living Vehicle.

Now, in 2019, the Santa Barbara-based trailer manufacturer has a new way to look at the traditional travel trailer—the 2020 Living Series Camper.

Living Vehicle camper lounge area

The 2020 series features a 100 per cent aluminium structure and is designed to be an off-the-grid camper packed with plenty of amenities. Measuring 220 square feet, the 2020 sleeps four to six people. The layout features a master bedroom with a queen-size, cool-touch 10-inch memory foam mattress.

There’s also a skylight and a home theatre system. The dining area can be converted into another queen size sleeping area. A “euro loft,” which drops down from the ceiling above the dining area, can be added as an additional option that fits a full-size bunk.

Living Vehicle camper bathroom look

Off of the dining area is the kitchen, which uses an all-electric solar refrigerator, dishwasher, and a pull-out microwave. You can also get a three-burner oven and cooktop as another option. The cooking island can be moved out onto the deck when the weather is perfect for an outdoor barbecue.

Living Vehicle camper side view

The bathroom measures 36 inches by 36 inches and features a wet-dry shower done up in walnut and completed with a rainfall shower. There’s also a toilet and a skylight. The camper also features an improved inverter as well as better insulation and more storage.

Living Vehicle solar at the top of camper

Since the camper is meant to be off-grid, Living designed it to operate off of an automotive lithium battery system. It also increases its solar power capabilities by 200 per cent compared to the previous versions of the camper. You can even run an air conditioner off the camper’s power grid.

Living Vehicle camper surrounding the beauty of nature

There are plenty more options to continue to dress up the camper, including a washer-drier combo and a central vacuum system. The many windows and skylights, as well as the eight-foot sliding glass door that leads to a deck area invites you outside to enjoy nature. The camper is definitely a high-end purchase, with a price of $199,000, but with this trailer, you might just be camping in better conditions than your own house.

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