Look What Popped up – The Air OPUS Inflating Camper Trailer

Any camping enthusiast knows that there is nothing worse than setting up a tent—except maybe doing so in the dark or the pouring rain. Trying to force the stakes into the ground, crawling around in the dirt and dealing with the ill-fitting canvas must be an ancient form of torture.

British camping giant OPUS has developed a solution—The Air Opus Inflating Camper. This camper has all of the amenities that you would find in an RV. It breaks down just like a tent. But, it does so on its own. There is no need to deal with long, unyielding poles.

air opus camper trailer uses unique technology

The Air OPUS Inflating Camper Trailer uses unique technology to inflate their camper in less than 90 seconds. OPUS replaced the traditional metal poles with an inflatable counterpart called “Air Pole Technology”. This system helps pitch the tent in record time. Just flip a switch on the camper, and the tent quickly inflates to a full-size camper thanks to an electric pump located inside the camper.

air opus car covered by tent

Taking down the Air OPUS Inflating Camper is as easy as setting it up. You simply release the air valves and the tent deflates on its own in just seconds. It is easy to pack away at the end of your trip.

This clever pop-up camper also has a nicely appointed interior. There is a full-size kitchen with a stove, stainless steel sink and refrigerator. There is also air conditioning, two bedrooms and a comfortable wrap-around seating area.

Check it out

air opus inflating camper back side

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