Make the Morning Commute with the Lo-Ruiter Longboard.

Ah Monday morning, the deservedly clichéd bane of the Western world’s existence. People are rushing onto trains and buses, still partially hungover from Saturday night’s exploits, cutting in lines with real venom and cynicism in their step. The race to get the morning’s first whiff of those sweet, roasted Arabica beans is real – and old mate Joe behind you is taking no prisoners – let me assure you…

Now picture you, almost quite literally gliding past these hordes of disgruntled punters, breeze pushing your hair back, and those pearly whites on display from ear to ear – perhaps even a fresh brew in hand, such is the stability of this ingenious piece of engineering. No, this isn’t some kind of sick Bourdainésque fantasy – this friends, can become your reality. Introducing, the Lo-Ruiter Longboard.

Created by the forever dependable Joey Ruiter, the Lo-Ruiter Longboard was originally designed to emulate the YouTube famous ‘Hover Board’- while at the same time providing a much simpler user experience, on top of vastly more affordable technology – and don’t let the sleek aesthetics fool you, this piece of kit rides as good as it looks. Comprised of a maple multi-ply and carbon-fiber deck, ARBOR Mosh wheels and Caliber II Legacy trucks, you can feel assured of getting from A to B not only in style, but on time too.

An exquisite example of form meeting function, you can pick one up from Joey’s website for around $300 (and be sure to check out some of his other gear while you’re at it!).

men standing on lo ruiter longboard

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