A man at an icy place looking for something in a bag from "The North Face" near a tent

Make Your Dream Expedition a Reality With a $1,500 Grant from The North Face

Everybody’s got that dream trip. For some, it’s to sail across the Aegean on a 140 ft superyacht with a harem of supermodels. For others, well, it could be something a bit more modest like hiking to the top of Frenchman’s Cap in Tasmania. One of these two has a possibility of actually happening in 2021. Let’s just say the supermodels can forget about buying extra coconut oil. But if your dream trip is the latter, venerated adventure and fashion brand The North Face wants to make your dream a reality.

For 2021, three people will have the chance to receive a $1,500 cash grant and $1,500 worth of The North Face gear to be spent on the expedition of their dreams. Last years saw The North Face Adventure Grant recipients, Shaun and Ben spend the winter in Tasmania attempting ski descents on Federation Peak, Cradle Mountain and more. A trip like this is sure to set you back. Winter tents, outerwear to last and some fresh new skis. You’re already looking at a couple thousand. But with The North Face’s Adventure Grant, Shaun and Ben could do the trip without burning a hole in their pocket.

This year, The North Face has split the grant across three lucky winners with each taking home $1,500 in cash and $1,500 in top of the line The North Face Gear. The more the merrier. So get the fellas together and nail down those plans for the trip. Applications close on the 31st of January.

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